Wednesday 3 June 2020

The Trouble With Orcs (part 1)

First painted Orc in a long time.

Despite having done fantasy roleplaying and wargaming for over 2 decades my son was surprised to find that I only have one single painted Orc (see the sad example below). This both is surprising but expected to myself. I've have a problem knuckling down to Orcs, despite them are a most obvious foe after the ubiquitous undead. 

One problem is finding a style I like. I've never liked the Games Workshop style of Orc - which begs the question well what do I like? Again it comes down to "what sort of Orc do you want?". There are Savage, barely clothed types, varieties in complex armour and a whole variety of body types, sizes and facial features. I doubt there's a fantasy race with so many different interpretations.

And then there is the skin colour. I'm no scholar, so I need to ask - who planted the description of the "Greenskin". I don't think it's a Tolkien thing, so my guess is Dungeons and Dragons (from what I can remember from old artwork). The bright cartoon neon G.W. choices just put me off completely, but I've trouble thinking up and combination I like.

My only lonely orc (until now!)

It's not as if there aren't any Orcs lurking in my lead pile. Many different sizes, ages and styles have been picked up through half baked purchases and job lots, which has made it more difficult to rinse through my collection and make a start on a force.

So I've decided, as an ongoing bit of fun, to gradually try out different skin combinations on the unsuspecting models in the cupboard. They would make up unfocused crowd anyway, so having a range of skin tones shouldn't make much more difference!

First example of this is posted here. I have no idea what manufacturer this is from, so if anyone can enlighten my I would be grateful. He looks prime for appearing around a dungeon corner, and I love the single snaggletooth.

For my own notes mostly, the skin base is Citadel Doombull Brown, then layered with Citadel Calthan Brown and highlighted with a mix of Calthan Brown and Game Colour Heavy Ochre.

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