Tuesday 2 June 2020

Lockdown Chaos (Dwarves)

With a little bit of space in the schedule now my upturn in painted figures has brought me to my new planned fantasy warband - Chaos Dwarves. I had been planning to just a pure Dwarves warband and a Mutations one as well, but so many create figures combine the both that I've finally decided to combine the two. The photo above exemplifies this. All new era Ral Partha sculpts.

My other new Chaos figures are a bit more chunky. Folks will I'm sure recognise the classic G.W, plastic Chaos Dwarf or yesteryear. I'd actually had him painted up for a different warband but was never truly happy with the result. I'm much happier with his change in livery.

The double team on the left is definitely one of my favourite miniatures of recent years (from 4A Miniatures). Everything oozes character and oldschool silliness - I love it!

And finally (and slightly off title) an old Heartbreaker Dark Elf (sculpted by Tim Prow I'm told) that had been sitting impatiently in the lead pile for many years. The wobbly sword is due to the softer higher lead content alloy I'm sure.


  1. Excellent Sam. What do you intend to use them for?

    1. "Song of Blades..." at least, David. Having enough for a small Dragon Rampant force would be the next goal.