Monday 17 September 2012

Barbarians Primed for Action

well primed anyway...

Starting to prepare for the third "Songs of Blades..." campaign between MacSver's Dwarves and whatever I can dredge up. This time out it's going to be Barbarian themed. Always wanted a barbarian force. I have a few other warbands with unpainted models, but hopefully these will be easier and quicker to paint up. Inspired by MacSver's warband of characters last campaign I've tried to get some models together which have less of a faceless rank-and-file warrior feel.

Alternative Armies & Heroquest
First up are some figures I already have. 3 Alternative Armies figures and a classic Heroquest Barbarian. The figure I've mounted on a rocky base will be the leader.
Grenadier Barbarians
To provide the bulk of the force I've had to hit the shops. 8 Grenadier (Mark Copplestone) Barbarians as sold by EM4 Miniatures

I've also bought in a couple from Hasslefree Miniatures. A Pratchett style Cohen and an Arnie style Conan.

I've also raked around to find some support from outside the the basic (just an excuse to paint up and use models I've never got round to really!). These may or may not make an appearance, depending on if we think they unbalance the game or don't fit the theme, gold accrued in the campaign, etc.

1980's GW familiar , GW Fire Elemental & Water Elemental
Ral Partha 1979 Wind Elemental, Greneaier Earth Golum (as Earth Elemental)
For a bit magic I've an old 1980's Games Workshop Familiar who looks to too much like He-man's Orko not to use. Elementals for him to summon come from a 1979 Ral Partha Air Elemental, a Grenadier Earth Golum, and from GW Fire, Air and Water Elementals.
Ral Partha Hill Giant 1977
Also, dressed to fit the theme, all the way from 1977 is a Ral Partha Hill Giant.

GW Marauders
And finally for Cavalry support some Games Workshop Marauders on knights horses (bought from the man who supplied the Minotaur Warrior in the last campaign)

As I said, all these probably will never get near the table, but act as a pool to bring on. Best get painting!

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