Friday 14 September 2012

Urban War - VASA Archangels

These seem to have taken an age to paint. There was alot more painting in the wings than I'd anticipated. Having the "feathers" as different colours and painting round the panel joints meant that a bit more care was required - not conducive to a quick paint scheme. I'd also wanted to do a cleaner finish as I've never really been too happy with the Archangel from when I'd painted the Starter Strike Team (she has had her paint touched up whilst these were being done as well) and th wings on my Black Legion looked better with a smoother clean paintjob.

Next on the table, in terms of VASA I have Neura and a couple of Mortar Suppressors. There may be a slight delay, mind you, as I'll a Haslefree figure to finish for the WAMP Competition and a new Fantasy Warband to start of my next Songs Of Blades Campaign.


  1. They look great Sam - good work.
    Busy period is over (am officially hitched) so I will get your fig mailed out now asap.

  2. Nevermind the model, mate. Congratulations to you both. Top news! :-)

  3. Those look very nice!!

    >These seem to have taken an age to paint.

    Worth it!