Friday 7 September 2012

SoBH Campaign Battle 5

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Thunder Storm
Scenario: Assassination
Defender: Beastmen

(New additions/changes are shown in italics. Full stats are shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maests Warband (287pts)
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (98 Pts) XP: 0
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn "Mrs Maest"  (38 Pts)  XP:0
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (52 Pts) XP:1
    Giant Slayer
  • Squint Ironsights: Crossbowman (29 Pts) XP 0
    Snow walk
  • Rorr Burgarmash: Beastslayer (40 Pts) XP: 3
    Q-1 this battle (Moderate Injury)
  • Cerri Crakshot: CROSSBOWMAN Sharpshooter [New Recruit] (30 Pts, ) XP: 0Quality 4+ Combat 3 (2 H2H/4 ranged), Short Move, Medium Shooter
Johan's Beast Herd (346pts)
  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER (66 Pts) XP:1/3
  • Torgor: Beastman #1 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Kragos:  Beastman  #2 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Arax:  Beastman  #3 (36 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Gorthor: Beastman #4 (32 Pts) XP:0/0
  • Sidern: Minotaur Warrior (58 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Jamwar: Young Minotaur (42 Pts)  XP:1/4
  • Grimdur Gutwrencher: Chaos Dwarf (40 Pts)  XP 1/1

The table was set up with a series of "forrest zones" (including the hills). All other flat (brown) terrain was treated as normal.

Scenario rules meant that to win the Dwarves had to kill the opposition leader, Johan, as he was the only personality. Weather rules meant that figures fell down (treated as a knockdown with free stand up next activation) on any activation roll of a "1".

The Dwarves made their way up the table, splitting their force to try and open up the Beastmen ranks. Rather than hide at the back of the battle zone, Johan sent his beasts forward to engage the foe (whilst stay a "supportive" distance behind.)
The Thunder Storm had left the conditions underfoot treacherous, and both warbands had their progress hampered. This also had the problem for the Dwarves that their relatively low numbers meant that a slipped warrior left his fellow warriors exposed. The main force holds back to group together where as the inexperience of the side group shows and they slip in their eagerness.
Taking advantage of a series of such slips, Sidern the Minotaur and Grimdur came forward to deal with the threat of Rorr the Dwarven Beastman Slayer on behalf of their beastmen comrades. The Savagery of the kill caused new recruit Cerri to falter back a step or two to compose himself.
Meanwhile, whith the beastslayer dealt with the beastmen started to move through the wooded area, taking advantage of their forrester special ability to stay away from the ranged attacks of Squint Ironsights and hope to use their movement advantage to threaten an ambush.
With the Dwarf flanking force weakened Johan distances himself from the enemy behind a wall of fir and fur. Trying to follow on from their success, Grimdur closes in, but support from his Minotaur sidekick doesn't appear as he slips on thw wet ground.
The Dwarf forces come across to support (all except Falster who seems to have put on a pair of banana boots pre-battle). The Minotaur, back up now holds back. Needing a couple of activations to get an attack in he is wary of slipping again whith so many enemy close by and also aware that his size counts against him in ranged attacks.
All the beastmen are now assembled in the woods protecting their leader and also looking for an opportunity to strike...
And an opportunity presents itself as Mrs Valgen slips at a crucial moment. The first beastman slips in his eagerness, but the second charges out of the undergrowth and slays the Dwarf.
The Dwarves numbers are now broken up. Squint makes an attack on the Minotaur, but olny knocks him back. Johan tries to move up and support but ends up on his backside, and Flaster in the background still can't get his feet moving properly.
The Dwarves decide to retreat for the next battle, but Cerri slips and is killed by his Chaotic cousin.
With the rest of the dwarves heading off, poor Squint is left to fend for himself. He see the Minotaur slip to his relief, but his attempt to break free comes to nothing...
and outnumbered he is hacked down. 

Battle Result: Johan not assassinated - Beastman win.

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