Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dragon Rampant (again)

Rough cardboard movement trays, no terrain, strange mixes of figures?
This picture just reeks of "First Game with New Rules"!
My brother, HaloStar was over this Saturday to visit, catch up and and play a game He's been steadily building and painting a lovely Undead army of 2nd ed Warhammer figures, so I thought I'd send him a copy of Dragon Rampant a few weeks ago as I knew he had enough for a game.

"Form Square" the order went. The blue\white pikeman in the top left
corner was in for a busy afternoon!
He didn't quite bring enough but I managed to (un)surprisingly come up with the numbers to bulk up to the standard 24pts. Similarly, I've been collecting LOTR Orc/Urukhai models for a themed force, but as they are devoid of paint I managed to put together a human  force, using the same army as my other inaugural game with MacSver many moons ago.

My Knights about to bounce off some Skeleton light infantry.
Looking back at that post there were little differences this time. My Knights seemed particularly prone to archers and woefully ineffective in crushing the enemy light foot soldiers. Light foot soldiers on both sides did seem to be quite resilient. And also it was another display that I can't roll for s#!t even with a dozen dice!

We both did agree that we'd enjoyed the game. It's flexibility of figures and simplicity of play makes it ideal for a game of choice when he visits. With the unit rules clearer now for the both of us, lists can be drawn up, models pulled out and dice will be rolled on more interesting table setups and scenarios.

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