Tuesday 8 September 2020

A Sense of Dredd


It's all Dredd at the moment (or at least a large percentage is). I'm slowly but steadily painting up my Judge Dredd Starter Set (10% off here ;) )  from Warlord games. A thread on the Facebookk Judge Dredd page has started m on another project though - 15mm Judges.

The Asgard Law Officers (available from Alternative Armies) have looong been painted up as Mega City Judges, but the post in question had taken me back to the mid 1970s and a certain Matchbox die-cast range, some of which actually featured in 2000AD. The Killdozer, Land Raider and Missile Launcher all spend many, many hours battling it out in various rooms in my house. The Crusader comes in as well - well that Riot Foam isn't going to spray itself. The Missile launcher is ideal to repurposed as a APC.

I need to paint them up in suitable Judge livery and make a few adjustments, but they should be just the bill (along with the extra reinforcements I've ordered up)

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