Saturday 15 July 2023

WIP - Majestic 13 Troopers


I picked up a copy of Snarling Badgers new solo\coop ruleset "Majestic 13" this week, or at least the pdf with the hard copy on it's way. If you've not heard about it think "XCom", linked campaign missions of small squads taking on an Alien menace with different objectives and hazards. The game is miniature agnostic, so despite technically having figures already painted up that could step into the action, what better time than to delve into the depths of the lead pile and get some new painted figures done. It's almost as if we are forward planning or something!

Emerging back into the light I found myself clutching a selection of Copplestone Troopers, or Jungle Troops and Assault Troops to be precise. Given these as semi-covert, I'm planning on an easy dark colour scheme to rattle these out. If they go quickly and look the part I can see myself adding the character sculpts to the collection in the near future.

Large Alien-y figures are also required, so I've pulled out an RAFM Call of Cthulhu "Yig" that has also been languishing for years in a box. I can see myself digging out some of the larger unpainted figures for this game, which should be a fun painting project in itself.

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