Friday 31 July 2020

Additional Chaos Dwarves and more

Two more to add to the Chaos Warband. Both from Ral Partha again. Not really any notes to make about them other than they were yet again fun to paint. (Shame I forgot to brush off some loose flock before taking this picture!)

Also, as before, I painted up a single 15mm adventuring Knight. The thought originally was that he was to be clad in the same coloured armour as the two 28mm Dwarves, but once I started painting him I realised that we wasn't entirely clad in armour. In the end he looks like he's picked up pieces of armour as he's managed to afford them - very much an RPG character.

And finally a quicky to bump up the monthly painting total. A stretch goal from a Ral Partha Kick Starter (but available online) is the animated broom - even if my wife does say it looks like the Peperami guy in a hoola skirt! Will no doubt appear in a Frostgrave game as a construct.


  1. Very nice. Love the broomstick!

    1. Cheers, Lee. Yeah, its a bit of an animal! ;)

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