Friday 17 July 2020

New Adventurers

Whilst paintng other projects I've started adding the odd one or two figures from the pile to dab at during the process. It help keep interest up and gets a few characters ready for play.
These two are prime examples. They were purchased as possible RPG character figures for an RPG campaign that is chronicled midway through in this very blog in Jan 2010. In the post photo you can even see the alternative Female Rogue and Questing knight figures that were chosen.

I think it's fair to say that my inconsistent face painting id in full force here. I've made many unsatisfactory tweaks to both figures and I'm still not happy close up. Again the saving grace of "playing at arms length" will save them!!

Following the same ethos of adding a side character to paint is this 15mm Demonworld knight from the "Questing Heroes" warband pack . You can tell he's a questing Knight because he's carrying a sachel (Just visible on his right hip - his right not yours!). He's a simple paint job, being mostly armour, but a combination of textures and a clean shield make him stand out.

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