Thursday 25 March 2010

Reality Bites, Projects Put Back

Sigh. I suppose it had happen at some time - the dreaded REAL LIFE. Well the next while will be pretty busy at Arabian Towers with alterations to the house and (ironically) the Easter holidays eating up more time and space than a zombie tribble outbreak. As such my project and gaming plans have mostly been put on hold for around 4 weeks until normality strikes again. Quite frankly when I've only got brief snatches of hobby time to relax, dry brushing a squad of ratsmen is a bit of a chore and not the diversion I look need. As you may have spotted in previous RPG posts I've a new character in the game and the model for it is looking a mite ghostly, so I'll probably try and put some paint to Ranger in the next while. There will be a couple of other quicky projects, but more on them as they are done.

Happy gaming and take care.


  1. Zombie Tribbles? Yikes! Take it easy matey...

  2. I don't think these guys modelled for that outbreak Link