Thursday 4 March 2010

They Came Out Of The Swamp

As mentioned in my previous post, I'd discovered enough painted figures to almost make up a varied Swamp themed warband. Well, one quickly painted cheap toy dinosaur toy later it's here for inspection.
  • 8 x Lizardman Warrior (52 pts) Q3+ C4 Amphibious Tailslap
  • 1 x Lizardman Leader/Champion (82 pts) Q3+ C4 Amphibious Tailslap Leader/Tough
  • 1 x Giant Lizard (44pts) Q4+ C4 Animal, Amphibious, Big, Clinging, Tailslap
  • 1 x Fishman Warrior (23 pts) Q4+ C3 Amphibious
  • 1 x Frogfolk Shaman (36pts) Q3+ C1 Amphibious, Magic-User, Slow
  • 1 x Frogfolk Spearman (32pts) Q4+ C2 Amphibious, Acrobat
Figures are some old OOP Games Workshop Saurials, WoTC D&D figures & the aforementioned cheap dino toy. Again I've put down stats instead of a roster for flexibility. Also note I've given the option to have my bone helmeted lizardman as a leader or a champion. There are some old (but unpainted) GW Skink archers on the shelf somewhere that I could paint up for additional Lizardman skirmishers. But considering that up to 4 days ago I didn't have any warband I'm pretty happy. One design note is that Lizardmen are pricey points wise so I'm not going to get many of them in a standard 300pt battle!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, I have a lizardmen warband myself - used mostly for Mordheim as I noticed that you can't arm skinks with bows in WHFB anymore?!?!

    I also have a copy of a beta warband list to use lizzies in the Mordheim setting itself, not the Lustria setting - which works pretty well. If you are interested in a copy (it's not online anymore) shoot me an email (should be in my profile)