Thursday 18 March 2010

Six Go Down To The Caves

After a cancellation due to illness (mine) the RPG group met up to continue The Enemy Within campaign with the group exploring a cave system under the tainted Castle Wittgenstein.
****** Spoiler Alert *********
On paper (at least my pre-read GM version!) this seemed quite a simple matter and I feared that the players would be bored with the session. But a lesson learnt - never underestimate the actions of a) the dice and b) your players liven up a session.
There are only 3 small groups of beasties really to deal with down there - giant rats, whiplash worms and some giant bats. None of these have a WS score of more than 25-33 with the largest group being 6 bats, so shouldn't really cause much concern. The first encounter was with the rats, which with the Dwarf Geddi charging tripping and falling on his face in front of a six foot rat at the start, accompanied by some "unlucky" rat attacks on the party left some of them wounded and infected. And these were just rats in the first encounter. There's nothing like a partial victory to instil a sense of unease around every encounter. I suppose I shouldn't have been that suprised. This group seem to be able to dispatch groups of thugs, guards and beastmen with little effort (or perhaps a bit of effort sometimes) but struggle when faced with any dogs, rats, etc.

So my advice to GMs is just keep getting the players to confirm their marching order whenever they've set off from a situation. The request that the GM needs to know where everyone is as they enter an area does wonders for paranoia!

An unusual RPG occurance is now set up by way of a mass battle - the party and a band of outlaws storm the castle next session. What could possibly go wrong?
(Lets hope there are no rats!)

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