Monday 29 March 2010

Temple Treasure battle report

This is just a quickie as I'm busy (see previous post). ArabianSquire (AS), OtherArabianKnight (OAK) and myself (AK) had a 3 warband battle with treasure hunt scenario. The set up was as below with a Swamp Warband (AS), Human band (OAK) and an undead warband (AK).
The Treasure (a chaos helmet) was situated in a temple. The winner would be the player who managed to take the helmet off the bottom of the table.

The Temple has doors, so we house ruled a varient on the Treacherous Terrain rule. There were 3 doors at ground level and a magic door (portal) at the top of the temple, next to the treasure. Anyone entering the doors would make a 1 die quality check. If they failed they were stuck in the labyrinth below the temple until next activation. If they passed another die was rolled with the following results:
  1. 1: still lost in the labyrinth unitl next activation
  2. 2: exit through west door
  3. 3: exit through south door
  4. 4: exit through east door
  5. 5: exit through portal
  6. 6: player to choose which door to exit

Action started with everyone headed towards the temple. The zombie cossack of the undead band carried the mummy to the foot of the temple stairs to try and head off any enemies whilst the rest of the band readied themslves with the inevitable clash with the humans. With a coupl eof truns each there appeared to be two storms brewing. One At the top of the main temple entrance with the mummy and a selection of swamp dwellers, and also the undead with he humans in the centre of the table.

The Humans were first to break. Their leader suffered a gruesome death causing the majority of the force to flee back towards their starting point. Up at the temple the main entrance was blocked with lizardmen, mummys and frog shamen. This didn't matter as AS used the cling attribute of the giant lizard to completely by-pass the hazards and take hold of the treasure. Suddenly the human position , basically all around the exiting point, seemed to be a bit more tactically well placed. Not the last time a bit of fleeing provided some advantage.

The mad dash across the battlefield was on, with undead and human alike desperate to block the lizardmens route to victory. The Giant Lizard exited the temple and handed the helmet over to its leader. The leader was temporality knocked down by a well aimed arrow, but recovered to continue his journey, only to be caught and slaughtered in a pincer attack by a skeleton warrior and flying wraith, causing the lizards flee, and leaving the treasure sitting on the ground between the two undead with a short, unoccupied run to victory.

But with one final twist of fate, one of the fleeing lizardmen was close enough (due to his failed morale test) to run in, pick up the helmet and escape all in one smooth motion, winning the game and setting off the gleeful dancing from the 8 year old boy, having just robbed his Dad of a win.

Despite having little (or no) interaction with the treasure, the human force was key to this battle. With them all moving round the same (eastern) side of the woodland, this left the lizard's flank open for escape. This also tied the undead into conflict preventing them moving over to intercept in numbers. However all credit to Arabian Squire for using his forces special abilities to bypass the difficulties at the temple and hasten his escape. With the helmet sitting between my two undead towards the end I was sure I had it in the bag, until the routed lizard man rolled 3 actions and stole victory right from under my undeads exposed nose cavities. A memorable finish.

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