Thursday, 1 April 2010

Who are you?

With the new series of Doctor Who starting this Easter Sunday over here in the UK, I thought I may as well use it as an excuse to post a picture I found on file from a Daleks vs Cyberman "Mutants and Death Ray Guns" game ArabianSquire and myself had.
Figures were plastic Citadel Cybermen and Doctor Who Micro Universe Daleks, Hybrids Daleks and Humans.

We used the following stats:
  • Cyberman: (Androids) Q4+ C3, Artificial, Laser Gun, Heavy Armour, Terror
  • Dalek: Q4+, C4, Artificial, Laser Gun, Heavy Armour, Fly, Short Move, Terror
  • Dalek Hybrid: Q4+ C2, Laser Gun, Superior Touch, Terror
  • Humans: Q3+, C2
To make up for their weaker stats the Cybermen had greater numbers. The Cyberman objective was simply to destroy(shoot) the Dalek menace. They could bolster their numbers by capturing humans (hidden in the buildings) and taking them back to base to be converted into new Cybermen. The Daleks could win using 2 methods. The first was basically to shoot and kill the Cybermen. The other was to capture a human, get it back to the Dalek base, convert it into a Dalek Hybrid and get the hybrid to a control panel on the Cyberman base to deactivate them (using its superior touch).

In this game the Daleks won by blasting the Cybermen despite their superior numbers.


  1. I've been meaning to ask if Ganesha did a sci-fi variant of their skirmish game. Been thinking about picking up some Necrons but not really interested in doing any army of them: it was this or some half-hearted Necromunda rules bodging.

  2. Having just played another game of MDRG a couple of weeks ago there are 2 things I'd noticed.

    1) The weapon ranges are very short range. This is all explained in the fluff, but the natural effective range of any gun is the same as a long bow in SoBH (although the power changes)

    2) The game really needs to be played using the random equipment in the warband generation. Having all the same troops with the same equipment is alot less interesting. Especially as it's very possible for your pieces to have no weapon at all!

    Of course this may all be down to my lack of Sci-fi game experience. It's difficult to switch away from the sword waving charge!

  3. Hi, sorry for a bit of shameless promotion here but I have just posted up my own variant of MDRG for Dr Who on the SBH Yahoo site.

    It is called A Song of Time and Space and would love to know what you think of it?


  4. Downloaded. Good work that man!.

    I'll be sure to give it a test and report back when I do.


  5. Brilliant! Look forward to it. (Unless you say they are rubbish.)