Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Unleash the small child in you.

There's nothing like an enthusiastic 8 year old to get things sorted. A few home chores had meant that my son  and I couldn't make it to the local gaming club meet (which is on Saturday mornings). So with my blessing, along with the odd condition, Arabiansquire was let loose to play in the hobby shed. The previous home session where we tried a roleplaying lite turn to the gaming must have left an impression as instead of the usual huge neverending mass battle, he constructed a varied band of adventurers and a series of scenarios to play through. A few back and forth trips back to the house to check on "Song of Blades..." stats and he was away and entertained for a couple of hours. The next day I managed to join in for the last couple of skirmishes - a woodland battle and a final assault on a castle.

All good fun, but the main point here is that the castle had been a bargain buy around 3 years ago and had never witnessed the roll of a single die until the wee lad had raked through some of my boxes and unearthed it for play. He also managed highlight a couple of mini's from an ebay job lot I bought ages ago which, when combined with a few other long lost figures, will almost make up an new themed warband - one of my 2010 pledge points. Double bonus! So it just goes to show - unleash the small child in you, dive into those dusty boxes and re-discover your once prised purchases.

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  1. Nice castle. Would you like to exchange wargame link blogs?