Wednesday 3 May 2023

Judge Dredd Campaign #1.1 - The Go! Sushi Grab

Local Gang members have raided the Go! Sushi stall. Where are the Judges when innocent citizens really need them?The battle was Scenario One from the Core Rulebook - "Chase". 


The Ainsley Harriot Appreciation Society:
  • Barry Beef 
  • Gang Punk#1 [Pistol]
  • Gang Punk#2 [Pistol]
  • Gang Punk#3 [Baseball Bat]
  • Judge Evans
  • Rookie Judge Radacanu

With pockets filled with goodies, the gang make their way down the street.

The Judges have been alerted to their activities though and have appeared further down and mean to apprehend the Perps.

 As the gang members try to scatter into the surrounding area to escape justice the Judges quickly call in a riot foam drop to halt them in their tracks.

With the gang member's legs stuck in hardening foam the Judges move up, using the street furniture for cover to avoid the heavy fire coming their way. Until that is one of the gangers blows up a bus shelter, the resulting explosion flinging Rookie Radacanu backward with an additional injury to boot.

This gives Barry Beef and Ganger#3 time to free each other. Barry ordered his bony underling to aid his colleagues whilst he himself waded through the foam into cover.

The Judges, meanwhile, collected themselves and made their way up the street again. The gangers continued to try and free themselves. Ganger#3 had freed Ganger#2 before nipping into cover. Ganger#1, with no-one to help him yet, concentrated on laying down some more covering fire

Ganger#2 made his way slowly to free Ganger#1, who was still keeping the Judges heads down whilst he awaited release from the foam. Judge Evans gave returning fire as the Rookie Judge  made pursuit of the other 2 gang members round the back street alley away from the foam.

Barry Beef  and Ganger#2 were out of the foam by now though and well out of line of sight, looking to flee the scene.

Judge Evans took the initiative against the remaining struggling gang members however, dashing into a building and dispatching Ganger#1 through a window. Now isolated and alone, Ganger#2 fled the foam and dashed away to freedom.

The leader, Barry Beef, proved that he can move deceptively fast for such a large man and exits the scene. Ganger#3 has similar plans and looks to be in the clear until Rookie Radacanu fires a heat seeker round which hunts down the Perp just as he thinks he's escaped, taking him out.

Despite this final action the Ainsley Harriot Appreciation Society has a won the day though, with half the gang escaping, 

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