Wednesday 31 May 2023

More Completed Real Estate


Two more buildings for my future city have been finished off.

First up is a 2 storey research building from TT Combat.  I added a couple of full wall to the ground floor as it was too open as designed. I used too thick a cardboard and had to pit in corner covers to hide it, but with the city grime it's all OK. Actually finished is a lie, I need to add some plants to the inside of the top floor, but I'll do that when I tackle the jungle scenery I have planned soon.

The second building is from the official Judge Dredd Line. I've seen that the pack contains proper signage, but I don't recall my pack having any (maybe it wasn't in the initial release?) so I printed out the picture from the website. Slightly under scale but serviceable and in tune with the "Ugly" branding.

1 comment:

  1. Alot of blood got spilt over that new paint job in yesterdays game!