Wednesday 10 May 2023

White (Hover) Van Man

 A trio of new vehicles have been coloured in to add to the first Sportster

First up is the official Warlord Hover Van.

This is a big solid single piece of resin. I really liked the Resyk Van picture on the front and wanted to try an recreate the white look, but I've a big rig recycle vehicle in the pipeworks so I decided it was time for a white van man style.

Next is a Hover Taxi, a 3D print from Digital Taxidermy. Not the smoothest, but sits quite nicely in the street scene.

And finally, a sensible hover Paisley Efficient, another design by Digital Taxidermy. "A Sensible Car For Sensible People" is it's tag line, and it fits in perfectly with the fun of the 2000AD Mega City car population.

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