Tuesday, 13 December 2016

ASoBH: The Necromancer's Tower

A Scenario from from Hour11's fanmade Warhammer/Mordheim Scenario Conversion project: The Necromancers Tower with Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. There is a magic book rumoured to be left in the Tower Ruins, but several magical defenses have been put in place. Can the warbands get past the defenses and each other for the treasure?
The warbands were small 300pts rosters. As we had been avoiding testing out magic users in many of our previous games (points magnet), a spell caster was deemed compulsory.

  • Master Sewer Sorcerer (130pts):Q3+;C3
    Flail, Free Disengage Leader, Spell-caster [Transfix, Fear, Fireball]  
  • Two-Headed Ogre (56pts):Q4+;C4;
    Ball-and-Chain, Big, Long Move 
  • Veteran Beastman Warrior (36pts):Q3+;C3;
    Melee Block
  • 3 x Beastman Warrior (27pts): Q4+;C3
    Melee Block
  • Bayaz :Q2+;C3
    Leader, Spell-caster [Tremor,Fireball,Protection against arrows]  
  • Snow Beard :Q3+;C4;
    Short move, Shield rush 
  • Throk Longflayer :Q3+;C3;
    Arquebus, Short move
  • Mistress Loveshields : Q3+;C3
    Short move, opportunistic
  • Scotti McIrnbru : Q3+;C3
    Short move, Headbutt
The two warbands entered the area from the same side, separated by a large hillock (so out of sight of each other.

After a stuttering start by both side (3 turnovers in 4 activation rolls!!) the beastmen had the lead on the dwarven party.  Bayaz cast tremor to try and slow them down, but most the warriors on both side lost their footing, so no real advantage was gained. As a warning a large crack of lightening fired forth from the Tower just missing the arquebus totting dwarf.

The dwarves were moving forward though. A long range aquebus shot rang out, followed by Snowbeard and Mistress Loveshields racing through the gap. Half the beastmen moved to intercept. A combination of the beastman veteran and the Ball and Chain  wielding Two-headed ogre took the female warrior out of the game. Before Snowbeard could make amends he was hit by a transfix spell. A beastman rushed in and gruesomely killed him, causing Scotty to temporarily break away. Things were looking bleak for the Human led dwarven team. Meanwhile a second blast of magic emanated from the Tower, meant for the approaching beastmen, but it was wild and off target.

With the 3 foes in close proximity to each other, Bayaz cast and threw in a powerful fireball, instantly killing the veteran beastman and knocking down another.

Next beastman activation had a failed die in the rolls, and Bayaz used his reaction to cast tremor again. The result was much better this time, with nearly all the enemy hitting the ground, with his charges staying up.

With the front line warriors already activated and on the floor the Ratman Sewer Sorcerer rushed to aid, as did a beastman who had been making his way to the tower.

Much to Scotti McIrnbru's lack of amusement, Bayaz fired in another Fireball. It totally frazzled his opposing spell caster.

With their leader gone, the majority of the beastmen broke, with the Ogres long legs taking him away into the hills. The battle had turned.

The remaining beastmen rallied and tried to take the fight to their enemy, but the now confident (if slightly singed) Scotti defended himself more than ably and slew his attacker.

Now under 50% strength, the remaining 2 beastmen fled, leaving the tower to Bayaz and the remaining dwarves.

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