Friday, 2 December 2016

A Tale of Two Cities (Overrun by Undead)

This week saw me trying out not one but TWO new games, both along a similar theme.

I've recently joined Falkirk Wargames Club (who host the excellent Carronade Show every year) and a member there had put feelers out for folk to play the new Mantic "The Walking Dead" game. Our games master had plumped cash into the kickstarter so had plenty of survivors and zeds for the 7 players to play.

The basic game revolves around 2 different groups trying to gather resources. Noise plays a large part of the system, with the default movement being a quiet sneak where as the a run will make noise and attract the undead. Firing guns not only creates noise bu also raises the "Mayhem" level. This not only effects play (via event cards) but when the level gets too high the games ends (I presume as the danger level is too great to stick around in the narrative).

The game definitely had a "softly, softly, catchee monkey" feel to it, as shooting or meleeing walkers was as likely to just knock them over as take them out of game. This kept the theme strong. everyone enjoyed the game and will be looking out for a repeat session.

Mantic's Walking Dead Gameplay

Later on the week I wandered up the hill to the MacSver Mansion to play the much talked about "Zombicide".

It very much has more of a boardgame feel to it and the mechanics, although revolving around noise again, are more action packed. The survivors (all working togther for a scenario goal) all develop in the game as they get experience points (XP) for killing the undead.

The flipside of this is that the zombie spawning zones on the board get more deadly (each turn sees more undead enter the game).

The co-operative nature of the game (from general tactics a resource allocation) really works and the rising threat levels (partly helped with different Zombie types) brings some tension to the gameplay. Some brave sacrifices were made to get towards the goal.

I had a great time playing this and will definitely be looking for more.

Zombicide Gameplay


  1. Zomibicide is another game on the wishlist!

    1. It does cost a bit but was really great fun.