Monday, 28 November 2016

Frostgrave Campaign - #3 The Caverns

The cave system with the 4 main caverns marked A-D. 
Down into the twisting tunnels the warbands ventured, both arriving at the central system at the same time, via differing routes. The cultists had obviously been occupying this area of 4 linked caverns for a while. But how many would still be lurking in the shadows....


Elementalist Bayaz:
Spells: Elemental Bolt, Wall, Elemental Shield, Decay,  Bind Demon, Telekinesis,  Forget Spell, Banish.
People: Apprentice (Lancrix the Tall), Ranger (Ferro), Archer (The Dogman), Infantryman (Caul Shivers) and 4 thugs
Equipment: Healing potion, Invisibility potion

Enchanter Cornelius "Tim" McDonald:
Spells: Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armour, Telekinesis, Push, Elemental Hammer, Fog, Awareness, Heal
People: Apprentice (Jamie), Knight (Heinrich), Infantryman (Lennox), Archer, Thief, 4 Thugs

Elementalist Bayaz's warband entered the system from the South West entrance (between caverns A and B above).

Enchanter Tim's group entered from the South East (in front of Cavern C).

Tim's rushes his advance guard into chamber C, looking to get to some treasure before his adversary, but already there are 3 cultists and a muscled cultist barbarian. He has a golden key tied round his neck obviously of some importance.

The second half of the Enchanter's group rush into chamber A, where they discover a trap door down to lower levels, but also 2 cultist thugs.

Tim's tries to bolster his troops with enchantment spells (mostly failing!) from the safety of some barrels.

With the sounds of shouting and clashing weapons echoing through the caves, Bayaz takes a more cautious approach to his investigations.

In the trap door room the Cultists charge forward the the bottleneck entrance to engage the intruders.

Their colleagues do similarly  in the centre cavern.

Whilst the enemy(s) are occupied Apprentice Lancrix and 2 others sneak in to whisk away the treasure. but one of the cultists is dispatched was they move in.

And in the central cavern Ferro also sneaks in to pick up some riches.

The Cultists are making things difficult for the Enchanter's group, as the Barbarian takes out a thug.

Bayaz moves into Cavern B and is spied by 3 Cultists. He uses his Telekinesis Spell to steal away the treasure from their grasps and then some reinforcements move in to protect him.

As they move into the Treasure, Lancrix casts a Wall spell, sealing off the entrance and isolating the fighting from the group.

With his back literally against a wall the remaining Cultist is fighting hard, and takes out one of the Enchanter's thugs.

A Thug and the Dogman rush round into the final Cavern (D) straight into trouble - 4 Cultists!

Loaded with treasure, some of Bayaz's group start to make their way out.

Finally the last of the 2 cultists block cavern A is dispatched, but the way is still blocked by a magical wall.

In cavern D it's looking tough for Bayaz's duo as they are both outnumbered by Cultists.

The magical Wall eventually disappears, but all the combatants see now are a set of  fleeing heals making off round the corner with their treasure.

Infantryman Caul Shivers arrives to support his 2 beleaguered comrades. Too late to save the Dogman he exacts his revenge. He then moves into help the thug, and between them they take out the other two cultists.

At long last the final Cultist, the Barbarian, falls in the central Cavern (C). It has been a bloody battle and all Enchanter Tim's warband have to show for it is a golden key! Bayaz calls down the tunnels to his troops to head for home as well.

But they'll be back to see what lies down that trapdoor...


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    1. Thanks, Gordon. It's taken a while to get up. Hopefully part 4 will get posted a bit quicker!!

  2. Cool stuff. What did yoy use for thecavern walls?

    1. Cheers, Cedric. The walls are made from aquarium backing. Detailed in the 1st proper post made on this blog :)

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