Sunday, 13 November 2016

Targe 2016

Had a wee trip up to Kirriemuir yesterday to visit Kirriemuir Wargame Club's Targe show. It was a bit strange as this was the first show I can remember going to where Arabiansquire didn't want to attend. Perhaps the 90 minute drive each way with his put him off  when he could be playing with his mates on xbox. I didn't reach the town until mid day. Recently I've been finding the afternoons of show a bit more pleasent once the initial crowds have died down. It did give me the time and space to visit Kirriemuirs newly unveiled staute to former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott (Born in Kirriemuir before his family emigrated to Oz - there is an annual music festival "Bonfest") and pick up a proper Forfar Bridie for lunch (proper ones don't stray far from the area for some reason!)

The show was as well run as usual in the local High School. The biggest change this year was that the feeding facilities had been upgraded to a catering van at the entrance, which, not surprisingly, was doing a brisk trade. Not having the lad in tow meant I could take more time round the traders and a had a few nice chats as I did. With my recent new blog (plug, plug) I obviously had an eye out for some suitable 15mm skirmish fodder, but my findings mostly backed up my original blog post and didn't spark my interest. Earlier in the week I had been playing Dead Man's Hand at Falkirk Wargames club with MacSver, so I picked up a pack of mdf playing card tokens from those lovely people from Warbases who made the trip (I love the card mechanic in DMH but find the cards on the table visuals a bit distracting).

I still wanted to play a game of something however and was entertained by a young gent who is developing his own game - Battle Havoc! Still in development but inspired by HOTT and similar. The basic level game he was demoing\testing only had a few small units (so I wasn't scared off) and it all ran smoothly enough that it was fun. The basic rules will be free to download soon and advanced ones will be released later.

Just before leaving I had a last whiz round at tables and stalls. I wandered into the large Figures in Comfort area, to find that they are show stockists for Critical Mass Games, so I had a quick look at the large selection there before coming  away with a trio of packs. 15mm Sci-Fi mission accomplished!

And the compulsory haul photo - pretty modest. Picture at the back was marked down to only a couple of pounds in the bring-and-buy at the end of the day. Despite dodge frame the Old 40k\Rogue Trader picture tempted me in too much (removing it when I got home it had a 2016 GW copyright mark on it).


  1. Who in their right mind would put a picture like that in a frame like that? Really? They are having a joke (aside from the 2016 he he he)

    And slap wrist again as per FB comment on the CMG purchase.

    Totally with you on the tokens for DMH. If I play much more I think I'll pick up a set too - for "DMH 15MM"? (I've got the stuff, but really, with Tim's awesome terrain it'd be an insult...

  2. As per my fb reply, unrepentant about the CMG purchase. I do appreciate your offers and attention though. Have enjoyed getting them under the lights and looking them up alot already.

    I know what you mean about Tim's excellent terrain. I already have a horde (or should that be posse?) of Blue Moon 15mm waiting for attention as well, which was very much in my mind with the tokens purchase.