Monday 14 June 2021

Broken Realms of Hell (pt 1)

There's a new skirmish game in town called "Reign in Hell" where warbands (or Cabals) of demons battle each other. It looks great fun with some interesting mechanics - never mind the thought of all the cool models that can be put on the table!

Last year  an incomplete set of Games Workshop's "Broken Realms" battle boards dropped into my lap. The basic boards looked nice, but the other two special boards are very stylised so I hadn't done anything with them - until now. They will make great boards for this new game.

They've been attacked by a series of spray cans. Halfords Grey primer to base and Halford Camo brown, Humbrol brown and a cheap black primer to darken around the ground cracks. All very quick and easy. Just the GW skulls to deal with in the future.

1 comment:

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