Wednesday 1 February 2023

Fiends Reunited

Who doesn't enjoy a quick project? Rules changes in 6th ed. WHFB saw Ghouls go from a rank-and-file unit to a skirmisher formation. With that in mind, I decided to cover both rule sets with different movement trays for them. Not that I play both systems, its nice to just daydream and they look great...

Sculpted by Paul Muller in 1999/2000, these are my favourite ghoul sculpts. Properly decrepit and deprived fiends. I tried to paint them so that they are a jumbled rabble and wanted a bit of colour in them. I find myself bringing back more colour into my armies as a tip of the hat to the 90s way of doing things. It's a reminder that our hobby should be fun, imaginative, and creative and not to be taken too seriously! That being said, I still like the trend of things being ultra-realistic because its very atmospheric so I may go that way with a different army (Ogres perhaps?!) but not for my Undead.

I completed the painting of these guys in 2021 and spent a chunk of last years hobby time painting and magnetising movement trays. Sounds dull but sometimes easy hobby tasks that don't need any thought are quite therapeutic. The ones in the pictures are from Battlezone Miniatures. They have textured rims that take a base/wash/drybrush well and don't look too chunky. A bit of gardening on top and sealed with watered down PVA and they're done.

I'm carrying on with the current phase of Undead, so next up is another refurbed unit that I hopefully can finish in good time too; bat swarms!

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  1. The ghouls look great. And I much prefer the aesthetic of the skirmish horde trays.