Tuesday, 8 November 2016

New Blog Dedicated to 15mm Skirmish Gaming

One of my plans for 2017 is to push on with my delayed exploration into 15mm Skirmish Gaming.  I know it happens but the majority of 15mm posts I find are either figure reviews or larger battle reports\games. Similarly most Skirmish posts I find are in 28mm. Having dabbled my toes in I feel that 15mm Skirmish has something different in its play, more than "the same but smaller". The scale distances and movement seem more open, so (in theory) the tactics could be as well.

So I'm going for it! And I've started a dedicated blog for the topic and my journey into this world, pretty much from the start.

I'm quite excited about it actually, as it is a new world of the things I love but newer and more affordable, which has to be a bonus. At the moment I've copied in some of the relevant posts from this blog, but things should start to move towards the end of the year.

But just in case you are worried (which I doubt you level headed folks are!) I'm not ditching my 28mm. Or this blog. It'll be as unfocused as ever!


  1. I look forward to seeing what you have to share on the topic.

    I see that most of what you have posted so far is fantasy? What is your go-to rules for 15mm fantasy skirmish games?

    1. Most my 28mm skirmish has been fantasy, so my 15mm action so far reflects that. Accordingly "Song of Blades and Heroes" (Core or advanced) has been used most often for my 15mm games. With the speed of setup for 15mm however I hope to get in more solo games and will be using games from the Two Hour Wargames Stable for this (at least initially) as I already have the rules. If I can get enough wizard characters I also fancy Frostgrave, again as I play that in 28mm already.

      Sci-Fi is definitely in the pipeline however. In fact, I was just having a chat last night with MacSver about what scale we'd use to get started with Rogue Stars (Osprey Games) when its published. I've also "invested" in 2 Blue Moon packs of their Wild West 15mm, so more than just fantasy to come :)

  2. Looking forward to it, Sam :D