Saturday 28 September 2013

The Dwarves Last Huzzah

...for a while.

Some pictures from when MacSver and I had a one off "Song of..." battle this week. This was to be the last outing for his Dwarves for a while, as his next campaign warband is to be themed on the Fantasy Trilogy "The First Law" by Joe Abercrombie.

There have obviously been changes in the Drawf camp since the end of the last Campaign, and a new Mage Leader was leading his brethren into the battle. On the other side was a motley crew of mostly humans, made up from various rpg characters for the games I've played over the years. 

The scenario was to be an all out battle mixed with a magic treasure hunt in a woodland outpost. There were chests in the house, watchtower and end woods. If any magic item was found it could be used for the remainder of the battle.

The forces head towards the outpost, with The Dwarven leader searching the house and the RPG crew trying the watchtower (both to no avail). Note how the  RPGers are already strung out, this was to cause a lot of their problems as the more powerful dwarves made contact.

Kislev combats Slartibartfast to stop the drawf from firing his crossbow. Thief Grendal tries to support but there isn't room. The ruined pillars in the center of the tables caused all sorts of complications for both sides restricting movement, contact and line of sight.
Kronenburg the Mage had wandered too far forward and Scottie McIrnbru engaged. So was set the setting of the main tussle, with a general set-to occurring round the Scottish Dwarf.

Despite the RPGers piling in, Scottie managed to hold firm with some impressive rolls (as long as you were MacSver!). The demise of Slartibartfast on the other side of the pillars did not disguise that the battle was likely to hinge with the other group.

The dwarf eventually chose to dispatch the mage, and with a gruesome kill started that the dread SoBH moral check cascade. Some of the warband broke to run. One of these was the Jester, who was gruesomely killed in a free hack. In the ensuing moral check, Wilbur the Leader failed all 3 dice and left the scene, causing another check. This left the humans scattered, out of touch and leaderless against a smaller but more powerful Dwarven force.

The RPGer tried to rally. Heinrich (with the shield) was surrounded and in trouble. His comrades came round Scottie to help, but when he attacked he was still outnumbered and the resulting clash left him dead on the ground. The battle was called for a Dwarven Victory.

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