Sunday 15 September 2013

I Can See You

The old body milometer has clicked forward another notch. Responding to a request for this yearly event this time round my lovely wife has bought me a new lamp for the painting table.

Like so many of us, painting these damned small figures seems to require more light and more magnification of the last couple of years, and my old standard desk lamp (with daylight bulb) and helping hands magnifying glass wasn't really cutting it any more.

The kit in question is a 22W Fluorescent Daylight Lamp from Maplin (although in this case bought through Amazon). The Lamp has a table clamp base so takes up no desk space, which is a  bonus. Not very portable, but I've just recently reclaimed my painting table for dedicated use so not a problem. The energy saving daylight bulb is not only bright and blue tinted (as it should be) but gives off no heat, so should help prevent a early drying paint that the old traditional filament bulb caused. The only down point may be that the lamp head is quite plastic-y and the lens cover\lid very cheap feeling, but it's a pretty minor niggle compared to everything else.

A happy (older) painter.

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