Thursday 12 September 2013

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Hunt

Last year I received the Hasslefree Zombie Hunting Scooby Gang for my birthday. I've been wanting a van for them since then, but there is little of the appropriate scale. Armorcast do the business with their Hippy Van, but the postage from the US and the prospect trying to paint the exterior left me cold.

So looking again I found that Hot Wheels had released a new Mystery Machine. It was 1:64, but I hoped that given a base it would size up OK. As you can see from the picture - wrong, far too small (which. to be honest, I half expected!)

I also discovered that MacDonalds had done a winter Scobby Doo Happy meal toy range. The Mystery Machine had been converted to a half track with front sleds, but I maybe looked the correct size, so I bought one from Ebay.

Size wise not to bad. The van seems a bit stubby, but depending on the era of cartoon I think that's the style of the van. Add some front wheels on the front instead of sleds and I think I may have the Post-apocalypse upgrade to the traditional van. Just need to figure out where to get the wheels now...


  1. For your wheels why not try some buttons and make a few hub caps from? Well anything.

  2. Hmmm, interesting idea, Irqan. Will have to look into it, cheers.