Tuesday 11 December 2018

SoBH: Raid for the Blood Stones

All was quiet (for once) in the Barbarian village. Chieftain Ardaric gazed up to the bejewelled skull on top of the sacred mound. Little did he realise that others had their gaze upon the the ruby encrusted eyes of the giants skull as well!

With real life being busy this year I don't think I've played a game in about 6 months, even despite Arabian Squire unexpectedly asking to play a wargame over the last few weeks. But we managed time this weekend at last. A basic game of Song of Blades and Heroes. As it was and first game in a long time I kept the warband profiles simple. A leader, basic melee warriors and a character (standard bearer for the ratmen and a larger Barbarian (Thrudd) for the humans.

The Barbarians started with d6 figures in the huts. They could emerge the turn after one of their outside comrades used an action to shout an alarm. The ratmen had the objective of reaching the skull, spending d6 actions prising out the jewels and escaping with them from the entrance table edge. It was pre-rolled that the ruby eyes would come loose after 6 actions.

With their poor quality the Ratmen's initial progress was stuttering, and the alarm was sounded in the village with Barbarians spilling out to protect their sacred site.

Taking advantage of their gregarious nature in the group move a group of Ratmen warriors scuttled up the hill. Two Barbarians went to meet them.

Using their superior numbers, the ratmen dispatched their human foe and set to work retrieving the gems.

The Barbarian's ascended the hillock. As ever Thrudd was in the thick of the action as the Ratmen formed a protective cordon to allow the thieves to do their work. One had made quick work of his task and had already a precious stone in hand.

Time seemed to running out for the Barbarians, but Thrudd's mighty axe was swinging well, taking squealing vermin to the floor to be finished off. The gruesome dispatching of one such foe caused a some panic within the ratman ranks, leaving an oblivious furry thief on their own.

The inclusion of a standard bearer in the attacking warband saved complete disaster, and the Rats rallied for a second wave. But the Humans were waiting for them this time.

The second wave was quickly beaten off and the Ratmen scarpered off. They had one of the jewels they came for.

"We'll have to get that sacred stone back!", announced Ardaric.

"Maybe after an ale", responded Thrudd