Thursday 2 June 2011

Warmachine - a second, more tasty bite

With all the work getting Necrons, Space Marines and a Dreadnought painted, accompanied with specially making some game tokens, the bookies had stopped taking bets on the game ArabianSquire wanted to play last weekend - Warmachine!

As both sides flank round the terrain, the Cryx defiler
falls foul to the Ironclad Hammer

The allure of those big robots was too much, and he wanted to have another go. After last try out ended in a complicated muddle I had a thought on how to make the game slightly simpler for the wee lad without losing the flavour of the game, recalling that we played a Battlegroup box game last time. The notion of dropping the number of Warjacks on each side (less options for focus spend) was one idea, but to make up the figure numbers required bringing in either units or solos which had complicated special rules. The lad suggested ditching the warcasters all together, but I thought that was too far from the game theme to do that. So in the end we used neither option and just played the rules as they were with the battle group box figures. I allowed a bit more flexibility with Arabian Squire's focus allocation, so although I tried to get him to allocate at the start of his turn, it was OK for him to switch allocation as the turn progressed when he realised that he wanted to run or make a special attack or boost. This and a bit of poor quality coaching helped the game move long OK, and we had an enjoyable game. Those Cygnar jacks get closer to a paint brush as a result...

A combination of Spear, Shield and Earthquake spell
held off the Cryx advance.

We ran out of time in the end, but my limited Cygnar tactics won the day - Shame I was playing Cryx! Obviously a case of "Do as I say, not as I do"


  1. Replacing warcaster with some Jack Marshal would be entirely within the spirit of the game... You would also need change the winning conditions from kill enemy warcaster to either eliminate jack marshal or destroy all models.

  2. That's an idea. The only problem is that one side is Cryx who have not Jack Marshals! I suppose maybe a Warwitch Siren could do?