Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Necrons Bring Up Reinforcements.

After finding their way hampered by the glorious blue line of Space Marines, the Necron forces have brought in some extra firepower to push home their agenda.

A couple of sprues of rank-and-file Necron warriors provide the bulk of the ground force, but three Heavy Destroyers have been added to the mix by way of some re-painted Star Wars Basilisk war droids with their mounts removed. I can get away with these as I'm not actually playing 40k, so anything goes. And they look cool!

I've still 3 sprues of Necrons left in a box, so thats another 12 Warriors and 3 Scarab swarms when I need them. Or should I say when I can face building them. For all their simple paint job the construction of the warriors is just such a fiddly pain - especially as you can't finish building them (ie putting on the green gun barrels) until they are painted and varnished!


  1. Those look really sweet as destroyers. Were they pre-painted before you re-painted?

  2. They were pre-painted - mostly grey with some metal parts. You can see one in a post from February

  3. Hmm, the comment link didn't work. The post is at http://weeblokes.blogspot.com/2011/02/terminatornecron-army-for-5150.html