Thursday 26 May 2011

The Marines start to arrive

First batch of the RTB01 Space Marines I bought have been done now, along with a Dreadnought for some Heavy Support.

I've kept the paint scheme very basic here on purpose. This means they match up well with my quick paint Terminators. Once on the table the uniform paint jobs looks better than having one squad painted to a different standard than another. Also it's quicker - this was only meant to be a side project. I suppose thats the way so many projects do! Again, more as painitng notes for myself, base coated black, and block painted Space Marine Blue, leaving the gaps between armour segments black. Guns drybrushed Boltgun metal. Shoulder studs blobbed black and then Boltgun metal. I even splashed out and bought a couple of transfer sheets to get the Ultramarine logos.

The Dreadnought was, as above, painted in speed mode colour scheme. So no weathering or highlighting. There was a minor amount of shading done arounf the scrolls/seals/emblems, but the rest is pure one colour over the black base coat.

All very super smurfy! When all are painted I'll base them properly.

"What's left" I hear you cry? Well the other 5 marines, another 6 or 8 old Terminators, and an old Rhino I have to fashion the roof doors for before painting can begin!


  1. they look good bro - did you freehand the symbol or use decals?

  2. I wimped out and bought decals. I'm a bit underwhelmed about how they actually went on. The marine shoulder pads are a bit curved for them to sit flat. I suppose that if/when they flake I can touch up with some white paint!

  3. feels odd to be commenting on a thread from 6 years ago, but this project is a real inspiration for something I'm planning myself. I love the simplicity, and they look absolutely great