Thursday, 5 May 2011

Scrunts: The Volkskeim Brotherhood

I was having a leaf through some of the old White Dwarfs I have about and something struck me. There was a time in the late 80s/early 90s that the magazine was more professional in look but before all pictures were just photo's of their wares. There are some lovely and interesting pieces of artwork that no-one now ever sees. So , pending a C&D notice, I am going to try and periodically put up some of these for your viewing pleasure. Copyright obviously stays with the original owner (be it Games Workshop or the artist) and I hope that any interested parties will take these posts in the admiring showcase spirit that is intended.

(Click on the picture to get a nice big view)

Paul Bonner's picture shows the Volkskeim Brotherhood crossing the breached walls of Fortress Gaerlugh. Warlord Barlgin urges the Company to attack under the watchful eye of Commissar Fard. From the far side of the rubble, Spirit Lord Mengri shouts his advice, hoping to be heard over the roar of the Guild bikes and the scream of support missiles.
First picture here harks back to WD issue 113 (May 1989) and is of a Scrunt force. I've scanned in the accompanying explanatory text at the bottom, as I am too lazy to type it all out and any OCR I try on it is rubbish!

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  1. Although The Rot was beginning to set in at the time, I still have a fondness for The Dwarf between #100 and #150 (ish), as it had -- as you say -- refined the scrappiness of the earlier issues, but had not yet gone entirely sterile and corporate.