Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rogue Trader Orcs

All the way from the back cover of White Dwarf #121 (January 1990) comes this excellent picture of 40k Orcs by David Gallagher. This was actually a full wrap-round cover, but with part of the picture on the spine it's not been scanned and hence joined with the the front cover part. Note the old Orc Dreadnought in the background.

EDIT: After kelvingreen's comment below I had a quick google for the "'ere We go", and found the front cover, which nicely shows the other half of the picture:

As ever Copyright obviously stays with the original owner (be it Games Workshop or the artist) and I hope that any interested parties will take these posts in the admiring showcase spirit that is intended.


  1. As I recall, this was also the cover to 'Ere We Go, one of the three (!) ork sourcebooks from back in the day.

  2. It is.

    Incidentally, if anyone has a good PDF of Freebooterz, do get in touch; I'm missing that one and my usual sources are coming up blank.