Thursday, 31 March 2011

Send in the (Space) Marines

As alluded to in my previous post, some more marines have arrived at Arabian Towers. Since ArabianSquire started his Space Marines I'd always fancied playing a co-operative game with him against a common enemy. Necrons/Terminators are the enemy of choice. To do this I obviously need some Marine figures. I can't rely on my Terminators alone - I won't have the numbers.

As the Terminators are original versions, and I'll only be needing a squad or so of marines I thought I'd plump for some old beaky style Space Marines. One for nostalgia reasons and two because they just look great. A fact backed up by my young son who looked through them when they came in and declared "I want to paint them." There at time's to be a giving father and times when you have to put yourself first. This was one of those latter occasions and a swift "No, they're mine" was replied! My 9 year old son shouldn't be building a Rogue Trader era Space Marine army. His pocket money won't stretch that far - Hell, mine doesn't!

Looking at the more stooped posture and pointy head shape it struck me that there is a bit of a resemblance to ZombieSmith's lovely Quar range. I wonder if the sculptor did this on purpose or if it was a subconscious influence? On my wish list anyway, and also gives me the excuse to post the nice Quar animation...