Thursday, 24 March 2011

Warmachine - Cryx Slayer

The final quick gallery post for now. Another Cryx Heavy and my second Slayer. As he was being done at the same time as the Reaper he also has the experimental cork tile base. I will do this again, but it's really crying out for some lava between those cracks instead of swampy murk.

Painting 3 heavy warjacks at once sounded like good sense at the time, but it has been a long slog to get through them and the lack of gallery pictures through January and February is shows to how tying and dispiriting it was at times. My painted figure count should hopefully shoot up to above the "bought figure" in the next few weeks though, which will be nice. Or at least until Carronade in May...

1 comment:

  1. Nice piece. My first warmachine army was Cryx when they launched the game. I kicked butt... till I traded them off. I regret that.