Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More Pod Racing

MacSver and Azhdeen popped round again last night for a return Pod Race rematch. Rules details are in the last Pod Racing post

A new race - a new course
I'd managed to get my race gates finished after last race night so they were on table. They were constructed from the bases of the micromachine pods that had been removed (with a piece of bamboo skewer). I'd also learned a couple of things about course layout, so I positioned some low "rough terrain" on the inside of the first corner to give the racers a tougher decision of taking damage to cut the corner fine. I also used the gates with terrain to force pods into closer manouvering decisions, which also worked nicely.

The new race gates forced some tight manouvering

The race went along smoothly and was great fun, with damage rolls taking effect, drivers risking engine shutdown with over boosting their engines, and playing spin out cards to throw each other in random directions. MacSver had been working under pressure for the last 16 days non-stop in the real world, so was releasing a bit of steam with highly aggressive driving on myself up front and laying down cards on Azhdeen who'd been brining up the rear all race. This ended in tears as a final bump over the Arabian Pod caused my rig to Kaboom, taking MacSver with it, leaving a gleeful Azhdeen alone to coast to victory, laughing all the way to the checkered flag.

MacSver's aggressive tactics blow up in his face (and mine)


  1. Good Fun! I want to do a few pod races later this year with the boys

  2. I would heartily recommend it. We had MORE fun this time, as we'd work out how to knacker the other players right from the start (or so we thought!)