Sunday 19 June 2011

Last Race of the Season

Saturday was the last meeting of the Livingston Battleground gaming club until after the Summer holidays (which scarily start in 2 weeks in Scotland) so I took along the Pod Racing Kit to hopefully try out on some new and younger racers.
A mass spinout card causes ArabianSquire (in orange) to
miss the first gate, whilst MacSver (back left) finds himself
facing the wrong way down the track.
We managed a race with 5 players, Myself, ArabianSquire, MacSver, his son MiniMacSver and for want of a more mysterious name, Callum. Only MacSver and myself had played before, so it was an interesting test if I ever considered taking the game to a convention.

It didn't take long at all for the new racers to get the hang of speed and laying down the cards. With two fathers & sons playing there was a lot of gleeful inter-family backstabbing, as you'd expect.
MiniMacSver plays the price for over boosting his engines
as the rest of the field zoom past his stalled racer.

We ended up only running 2 laps, which took around 2 hours to play. This didn't include any downtime or players taking a long time to decide moves. The main "delay" (if you could all it that) is with the playing on cards on each other - by the end of the first lap we'd gone through an entire pack of cards!

In the end, after the lead changing several times, ArabianSquire won on the last bend - speeding past the burning wreckage of his fathers pod which he'd blown up with a saboteurs bomb the previous turn! Only one other pod (MacSver's) remained on the track to take the Checkered Flag - a similar non-finisher ratio to previous games we'd played.

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