Monday 27 June 2011

Slow Progress

A second squad of Marines are finally able to take their place in the "finished" cabinet. I don't know what it is, but I've hit one of those periods of not picking up the paint brush. I've have these waiting for decals and varnish and a Cryx Cankerworm (hopefully soon to come) looking for brief finishing touches for the best part of 2 weeks now. With a bit of luck the Marines gone will facilitate some impetus to finish off the other.

The frustrating part is that both pieces come are for forces that I can see the end of finishing. Eight marines, 6 Terminators and a Rhino (3-ish painting batches at a push) will see me finish my Space Marines force, and I'm only a handful of solo's/jacks away from getting my Cryx army to where I decided to stop.

At times like these sometimes the best advice is to step away for a bit. Alternatively, following the thought that "a change is as good as a rest" painting something fun that has no force building implications attached to it may be a good idea. Time for a pleasant rake through the Old School mini's box I believe!


  1. You bet - your Hobby shouldnt be a chore, so if you arent enjoying it take a break or switch to something different!

  2. I used painting single figures to good effect at rejuvenating some painting mojo last year & early this year when I had troubles with motivation. For me it was single figures for others (painting for someone motivates!) or solo figures I plan to use for WHQ and was able to just have fun painting them + trying out new methods.

    If you want to join the ranks of folks painting my harlequins - let me know and I can post you one over ;)

  3. A change of focus will be refreshing. Nice try. BTW Tristan ;-)

    Actually, looking at your posts I'm quite tempted, as long as your not looking for too quick a turn around! One may even cross the water in your direction for you to do.

  4. The only thing I care about is that you choose a completely unique paint scheme. I want each one to look very different. Oh and leave the basing to me so I can make them look coherent that way.

    If you are interested mail me you post address to the email in my blogger profile. :)