Friday, 26 November 2010

Pod Racers - WIP

A quick Work-In-Progress post. I had the notion the other week about doing some sort of racing game after seeing some rather nice hover bike miniatures on the interweb somewhere. After a bit of a search for miniatures and rules I found a fun looking ruleset for Star Wars style pod racing from the "NOVOCASTRIAN BATTLEGAMERS" via Free Wargames Rules.

These rules seem simple racing-wise and there enough outside factors (pod damage, player intenvention via cards) to make sure it isn't just a fancy game of pure dice rolling. It reads a bit like "The really nasty Racing Game" in some respects - which I like - already owning the game.

Anyway, onto miniatures. A rake round Ebay saw me good for a lot of 10 Micromachine pod racers. I purchased a couple of packs of 60mm round mdf bases from (which arrived very promptly) have started to mount the racers to the bases.

The original pod racers come with a wheeled base which is easily unsrewed from the model itself. On some models there is a cut-away to accomodate the base, but once based, and considering they'll be mostly viewed from above, this isn't really visible. The wheels have been kept to be painted and used for game/effect markers. The pods have been pinned and glued to the bases. I've tried to position them with the actual pods hanging over the back of the bases to give that floating/trailing behind illusion.

More later when I've finished mounting the rest and getting the bases textured/painted.


  1. Freakin' outstanding. I believe GW has produced a few racing type games that these might be usable for too. The PDFs used to be on their website, email me if you can't find them I know I have them saved somewhere.

  2. Cheers for that, Tristan. I think that I may have some OOP pdfs squirreled away on a backup drive as well, although Battlecars is the only one I can find. Mad Max style cars are a whole other cool project!