Monday, 1 November 2010

Skirmish 2010

Saturday saw myself and Arabiansquire go over the Livingston Battleground wargames club's Skirmish event.

This was actually the second Skirmish, the inaugural event happening in 2006.

This time round the focus was on two things. Firstly, and most commendably, the all proceeds were going to the Erskine Charity, who provide nursing and medical care for members of the armed forces, so hats off there.

Secondly the main event was a staged modern warfare game under the moniker "Battle for Erskine" using their own quick learn rules. Unusually (I don't know enough about the whole scene to say uniquely) players start on different tables, and fight across them to progress to the next stage (another table) which, depending on numbers, hopefully all culminates in a grand final battle in a central table. It's probably easier to look at the mission briefing (diagram pg 5&6) than explain. I've not played the game myself yet (being an irregular attendee at the club) but I've heard good things about the system, so am looking forward to a game sometime soon. I wasn't around to see the final push but got a couple of pictures in.

Aside from the traders the was also a grand sale of military gaming models & books generously donated by a couple of families of veterans, with everything from larger scale figures, models to 6mm Napoleonic and ACW armies.

A couple of clubs were also showing nice tables with Independent Wargames Brigade doing a 20mm WWII Russian Front demonstration game called "Another Desperate Day" using their own ruleset.

Bathgate Wargames Club had an all day conflict demonstration and participation game called The Forgotten Iraq War (1941) - Clearing Ashar, Iraq again using their own ruleset.

We had a nice look round and leasurely chat with some folks, but numbers were a bit low whilst we were there (late morning). Hopefully there will be another event next year with more numbers, as the main format of "The Battle of Erskine" is different from the usual calendar events and is all in the name of a good cause.

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