Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Napoleonic French Space Farer


As my self bought pressie from Santa this year I bought a mystery box from North Star Miniatures but didn't open it until the big day itself. My box was pretty Frostgrave & Africa biased, which is fine as I can use these figures in my collection, but the one main outlier was a Napoleonic French Officer. I decided it would be a bit of fun to convert him for Sci-Fi use.

I removed his hands and carefully snipped away the sword scabbard. I have the Stargrave Crew box, so I sourced a couple of appropriate hands to arm him with a pistol and data slate. I did debate whether to do a head swap as well but decided against it as I fancied keeping as much of the original feel of the figure as possible.

And finally I gave him a paint with a basic palette. I see him as a planetary guide or a well travelled wanderer - perhaps with a certain guide in his hand and a long towel wrapped round him!!

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