Thursday 13 January 2022

All going to Hell


Hobby time has been in very short supply over the last few months (as ever it seems!) so any prolonged projects have been shelved as I had only been picking up the paint brush about once every fortnight for an hour or so.

So I've been painting demons, nominally for "Reign in Hell" but anything really. The good thing is they are either small groups or individuals, and they can be any colour so I can just relax and have fun. And very rewarding it's been too!

Easing myself in I painted up a quartet of West Wind Abominations. With horns, hooves and tridents very demony and perfect for some standard troop.

That whetted the appetite for a figure I'd been looking forward to painting - a West Wind Bhemon Demon.

Really enjoyed this one and really happy with the result (the camera photo is a bit bleached out to be honest) He's a large lad and will look great on the table. In my head he's the "big brother" of the Games Workshop Poxwalkers I already have. They will happily do fantasy.

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