Monday, 23 August 2021

Boltaction - enter the learning curve.

 So not quite D-Day, but the opening game at the club arrived and this is how I'd managed to get the figures. From my RPG days I'd knew that if the flesh and weapons are defined on a primed figure it's enough to avoid the mono tone blob effect.

My opponent, Daniel had brought along some scenery by way of the Warlord WWII ruined farmhouses and some cracking 3D prints. As they were inly primed at the moment my German force's camouflage was a perfect match!

I was also loaned some more Grenadiers to help take my force towards 500pts, which was just as well as they had to face off against a horde of French troops, albeit inexperienced ones.

The "Band of Brothers" starter set includes a SdKfz 251/10 AusfD halftrack. Which managed a few shots off until the French popped a rifle grenade into it and took it out. The pearls of open-topped vehicles in Bolt Action in told!

In the end we ran out of time as the club session closed after a few turns, the game slowed down an expected by frequent rule book references by 2 new players. The inexperienced French were finding it difficult to hit anything once they had a pin marker or two. A few other rule errors were discovered in the post game chat. All expected. Good fun though, and a bit of work to be done before the next game.


  1. Good looking game, hoping to see more!

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