Thursday 5 August 2021

Feast Yer Eyes!


A bit of a side project here. I bought a couple of packs of Scottish Goblins done by "Goblins of the World". Hand sculpted in a basic but characterful\cartoony style it's fair to say that on the whole they're not going to mix side-by-side with most other ranges.

In plain metal I have to say they look a bit rough, however once I saw a couple of photos of painted figures I could see the character and fun in them and knew I had to have some.

I've started with arguably the two most fun packs. Top of this post are the "Bravehearters" - kilt lifting, bottom baring goblins inspired by the pre battle scene in Braveheart. I particularly like the different methods the arses are being bared.

The second pack is a set of War Haggis with Handler. What's not to love about these guys??

In all cases I had a bash at a basic tartan. As ham-fisted as it is it still works quite well and happy with the result.

Now I'll have to get the warband pack to make use of them....

This last part, the paints used is more for my own reference so feel free to skip.

Kilt: Base in Ochre, wash with AP Soft Tone, highlight in Golden Yellow. black stripe and fill vertical stripe with contrast white.

Flesh: base, mid and highlight (old GW sarter paints with no labels on them I'm afraid)

Hair: Base & Highlight.

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