Friday 30 July 2021

Bolt Action Startup


So a thread went out on the Falkirk Wargaming Club Facebook page to see if anyone wanted to try learning Bolt Action. 

WWII gaming has been at the back of my plans for a long time without coming to anything, so I put my virtual hand up. For 28mm I only have the Bolt action "Band of Brothers" starter (although obviously with easy access to more), but as fortune should have it another volunteer was in the same boat (the other 2 already having some sort of collection). So after a bit of chat I'm to play the German Grenadiers, starting off with the BoB set. At least there are fewer figures to paint!!

So I've the box and had a refresher look at the contents. Lot's of variation available on the sprue, which is good. Shame I hate building figures, which is bad. At least there are only 12 to do. Also thankfully there is a construction guide to help advise what to build for the starter set game - good show Warlord.

We'll ignore the halftrack for now.

Progress shots as they happen


  1. It will be good to see you at the club again Sam

    1. Yes indeed. Hopefully the 9th. Best get gluing...