Friday 23 July 2021

Broken Realms of Hell Complete


The boards for "Reign in Hell" are complete (or as complete as they are likely to be!).

4 boards when laid out do show off the asymetric nature of the set. I still have problems coming to terms with the theme\usefulness of the mechanical section, but I'll have to figure that out when it comes to gameplay.  An extra of rough terrain at least I suppose.

This area was painted in gold colours, then GW Nihilakh Oxide liberally applied before a bit of dry-brushing with goldy colours again to give it an aged effect. i did play around with the idea of painting the skulls round the edge of the cogs silver, but I'm glad I didn't in the end.

The river section is painted to be a river of blood. A cheap red acrylic was used as the main colour and the ripples highlighted with a bright GW red (can't remember which one - probably Red Gore). The final layer was GW "Blood for the Blood God" which really does the job nicely.

The water areas round the cogs were given the same blood river 3 stage treatment. It really makes the tile POP

Now I need some appropriate terrain to put on top of these...

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