Monday 22 January 2024

The First Of Many...

Painted 15mm British Tommy

...Or at least a few. A Battleground British Tommy, my first test 15mm WWII Allied figure.

What has prompted this? Well, back in November Morphius had a sale of the "Airfix Battles" Introductory wargame\boardgame, so I asked Santa to scoop me a copy for Xmas. (S)he duly did and I am now using it to nudge me on with a painted Allied force (I already have a painted German Army sitting on the shelf courtesy of Ebay) to replace the counters that the game comes with.

I have a WWII GB paint set from Coat D'Arms, so am using a guide to try and get close to the correct uniform colours (a never ending debate I know!)

As ever more for my own future reference than anything else:


  • Helmet: 521 Army green
  • Blouse and trousers: 501 British khaki
  • Webbing & Anklets: 517 Desert yellow
  • Boots: 533 Slate grey
  • Ground sheet: 508 Olive drab
  • Face\hands: European Flesh
  • Guns: A Wooden Brown & Dull Gunmetal
Block in the colours and then wash with Army Painter Dark Tone (use skin wash for face\hands)
Based with my newly delivered Geek Gaming Scenics Base Ready Scrublands.

More pictures once I've finished a British Squad. The Yanks will be hot on their heels though.

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