Monday 29 January 2024

Genestealers - tick!



First painting of the year proper and finishing a long outstanding project. This was started so long ago I can't find any mention of it past a post from 2011 where I picked up a bits bag to add to it. These were from a 2nd Ed Space Hulk job lot I found in a charity shop. The previous owner obviously had a lot of fun constructing the models but half the arms are on back to front or upside down.

One thing about Genestealers though is that they are probably the most like "counters" than any other tabletop model. Typically they are placed on the board, they get shot and taken off in the next minute, rinse and repeat. I knew I wanted them painted up, but it had to be a quick scheme. These aliens have two vital features - claws and limbs. So the plan was to highlight the claws and arms to draw the eye and then use a dip (I told you I'd had them a while - pre-wash!!). Using a homemade dip turned out to be a bit of a messy pain and the project stalled. 

But new Year, new impetuous and they are done. Excellent!

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